How to Prep for Your Cake Smash Session


Your session is right around the corner and you have a million things going through your mind! I want this experience to be as smooth as possible, I want it to be something you will look back and remember it as enjoyable and not stressful. In this blog you will find a list of things you will need to brining and tips for how to prep for your cake smash session.

One year old baby standing by chair while we take portraits before cake smash

What to Prep Before Your Cake Smash

Outfits: Since your session includes family portrait, you will need to take some time to plan outfits for you and the rest of your family. Make sure they are neutral colors that coordinate with one another. Because my studio is pretty far out, I would suggest not dressing the little ones until arriving here to avoid any spilling or excessive wrinkling. Pack a change of clean clothes for after the cake smash.

Manicure: If you like to have your nails done, make sure you are wearing a color that you love and that compliments your outfit. I will not edit chipped fingernail polish.

Cake: Watch out for dyes and coloring in icing. You can achieve more color in the outfit and a simple backdrop or balloons rather than ruining that adorable outfit. Consider feeding the baby small amounts of cake days before the session to get them use to the sweet taste.

Toys: Pack a favorite toy in case the baby needs a break or a distraction.

Snacks: Make sure to bring puffs, cheerios, or a bite size snack to hide in the frosting. 

Image of baby's foot with icing and cake crumbs on it by the smashed cake

What to Expect The Day of Your Session

Flow of session: We will start with family portraits, then portraits of just the baby (maybe a different outfit from cake smash), we will then bring the cake out and capture a few images before they smash the cake. You have the option to use our baby tub to get more images AND a clean baby.

Your Legacy: During your session you will be able to physically view the products and wall art we offer! Hopefully, this will give you and idea of what you like best. Click here to see some ideas!

Cake: If you baked the cake or a bakery, make sure that it has reached room temperature before smashing. Nothing worse than a frozen cake and hard icing for your shoot!

Be prepared to participate! Some babies don’t quite get the hang of the smash right away. You may need to get your hands into the cake to help them get started. Bring an extra outfit for yourself to change into in case it gets really messy! 
Clean up: I do have baby wipes and towels to help you clean baby after the cake smash.

one year old baby in bath tub prop after cake smash

We are going to create memories that you will be able to look back on year after year. Every single picture we take will showcase the sweet details of pure joy of being one.